Casio Computer

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

Industry sector: Electronics

The IP strategy of Tokyo-headquartered Casio has three core objectives: maintaining the company’s position as a leader in the electronics space; improving the balance of income and expenditure on intellectual property; and promoting IP awareness at all levels of the organisation. To encourage innovation and the cross-pollination of technologies, Casio has held an annual Techno Power exhibition since 1992, at which engineers can present their inventions directly to senior management. Their robust R&D output is reflected in Casio’s diverse product offering, encompassing everything from cameras to musical instruments, calculators and – most famously – watches. It also ensures that Casio can keep pace with market trends: the company’s latest innovation is a Bluetooth-enabled G-Shock watch which connects with the wearer’s smartphone to display call notifications and emails. With branding a key focus – other popular lines include its Oceanus and Pro-Tek models – Casio has registered close to 2,000 trademarks in 187 countries worldwide.