Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia

Industry sector: Biotechnology

Australia’s CSL made its name through its specialty blood plasma therapies, but also manufactures related medical products such as vaccines and anti-venoms. While the IP department is formally a sub-division of legal, it collaborates with the R&D team on a daily basis in developing new products and exploring new commercial opportunities for existing ones.  A shrewd approach to monetisation has paid dividends in recent years: in one notable success, it secured licensing revenues from Merck’s global sales of the HPV vaccine Gardasil, for which CSL holds important patents. A niche in the complex biopharmaceuticals space affords a natural advantage in today’s crowded global pharmaceutical sector, where its specialised technology and industry know-how serve as natural defences to competition. CSL is also in-licensing to improve its offering and consolidate its market position: a recent deal with Xencor gave it access to engineering methods that have boosted the efficacy and potency of its antibodies and related products.