Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute

Headquarters: Daejeon, South Korea

Industry sector: R&D

The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) is hailed as one of the top global players among those research centres, universities and government agencies that are currently operating in the IP arena. It has built up a strong patent portfolio in the United States as well as its native South Korea, and has also gained experience filing patent infringement suits against foreign companies in the US courts. With an army of approximately 2,000 research professionals, this prolific filer wins plaudits for its commitment not only to increasing the volume of patents being filed, but also to enhancing the quality of those patents and the sophistication of the technologies under development. The institute recently signed up to the RFID Consortium and its joint patent licensing programme for the ultra-high frequency radio-frequency identification standard; other patent owners in this group include telecoms heavyweights such as 3M, France Telecom, HP, LG Electronics and Motorola.