Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

Industry sector: Computer hardware, software

Fujitsu’s product range spans computing, telecommunications and microelectronics. A centralised IP function is supported by a team of IP strategy supervisors embedded in each division of the business, facilitating close working relationships between engineers and strategists. A strict policy of developing only those innovations offering true commercial potential most recently bore fruit in the form of the world’s most accurate handwritten character recognition technology, which employs artificial intelligence to mimic the workings of the human brain. Energy efficiency is another focus: in 2011 Fujitsu began collaborating with Silicon Valley-based start-up SuVolta to help develop its PowerShrink technology for the manufacture of low-power chips, and it is now manufacturing its own image processing chips using that technology on the back of a licensing deal with SuVolta. Its collaborative approach towards working with SMEs won it the 2013 Intellectual Property Achievement Award from Japan’s Ministry of Trade, Economy and Industry and the Japan Patent Office.