Honda Motor Company

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan  

Industry sector: Automotive

Best known as the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, Honda also produces automobiles, power equipment, solar cells and aircraft. It is also a pioneer in artificial intelligence – its ASIMO is the world’s most advanced humanoid robot, designed to assist the motor impaired. When it comes to intellectual property, the Japanese multinational also wins special plaudits for its dynamic and aggressive anti-counterfeiting strategy. As the fake spare parts market booms, Honda is working tirelessly across Asia to shut down factories and dealerships that manufacture or sell counterfeit products. In Australia, it set up to encourage consumers to check the serial number of Honda engines before purchase and report discoveries of engines with defaced serial numbers; while in India, it has introduced high-tech security labelling for its spare parts. It has additionally made replication of its products difficult through prominent branding of parts such as batteries, horns, cables, speedometers and headlights.