Hyundai Motor Group

Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea

Industry sector: Automotive

Hyundai Motor Group – South Korea’s largest auto manufacturer – has an impressive global IP portfolio and is a top 200 patent holder in the United States. It emerged in its current form when the Hyundai Group was restructured during the 1997 Asian financial crisis. The 2011 acquisition of Hyundai Engineering & Construction (HEC) reunited it with some of its former Hyundai Group constituents and made it a convincing contender in the electric vehicle market: HEC’s engineering capabilities will prove invaluable support in building the infrastructure for the mass roll-out of electric cars. Hyundai is also at the forefront of developments in fuel-cell technology: in 2013 it filed a US patent application for the use of graphene in fuel cells and it is on track to launch a hydrogen model by 2015. With China now its biggest market, Hyundai has also set up a dedicated R&D centre in Beijing to better understand and meet the demands of this growing customer base.