Panasonic Corporation

Headquarters: Osaka, Japan

Industry sector: Electronics, semiconductors, home appliances

While many Japanese companies have been left reeling by the combination of ongoing domestic stagnation and the global financial crisis, electronics giant Panasonic has risen to the challenge by revamping its corporate and IP strategies in recent years. The result has been a renewed focus on core businesses, including its acclaimed television line, and more aggressive assertion of its extensive range of IP assets. Historically known more as a defensive player in the courtroom, Panasonic’s participation in patent pools – such as Blu-ray pool One Blue, LLC and digital television patent pool MPEG LA Advanced – has seen it assume the role of plaintiff in several infringement suits filed in the United States this year. The company is also keeping pace with the latest viewing trends: a 2013 licensing agreement to access WiLAN’s digital television and display patent portfolio should ensure that its products remain at the cutting edge. More recently, Panasonic has led the way among Japanese corporates in terms of monetising its IP assets, having made a string of patent transfer deals with the likes of Inventergy, IP Bridge, Sisvel and Wi-LAN.