Research and selection process

Through an extensive research process incorporating both quantitative and qualitative angles, the IAM editorial team has identified 62 organisations as belonging to the Asia IP Elite.

This process included interviews with senior executives, brokers, investors, legal professionals and other IP experts from the Asia-Pacific region and beyond in order to gauge their views on which entities should be considered for inclusion in the Asia IP Elite. The IAM team also scrutinised multiple data points such as filing, transaction and litigation data, and other publicly available information.

In identifying the Asia IP Elite, we have focused not on the IP assets that these companies own, but rather on how those assets are used and integrated into overall business strategy. Each Asia IP Elite member demonstrates excellence in IP value creation and adheres to the following criteria:

• Places IP strategy at the centre of its business.
• Obtains demonstrable, significant and ongoing value from intellectual property as a direct result of the strategies that it employs.
• Ensures that there is a direct line from the IP function to the senior management of the overall business.
• Possesses a senior management that understands the operational and strategic importance of intellectual property.
• Constantly reappraises and improve on its IP strategy in order to take advantage of market developments.