China IP Elite 2015

As part of the lead-up to 2012’s IPBC China, the IAM editorial team conducted detailed research to identify the China IP Elite - those Chinese corporates and other institutions which have taken active steps to maximise the potential of the intellectual property that they create and own. To the best of our knowledge, this marked the first time that such research had been undertaken in China.

Now, with the IPBC China again on the horizon – this time to be held in Beijing from 21-22 April – we are pleased to present the China IP Elite 2015.

The Chinese economy encompasses a wide range of businesses with divergent levels of IP awareness and sophistication. Our research project identifies those companies that have made significant strides in developing their IP assets and strategies, to the extent that their activities in this sphere stand comparison with those of acknowledged global leaders.

By recognising the China IP Elite, IAM hopes to foster a community that will facilitate the exchange of ideas about IP value creation among Chinese companies, research organisations and other entities.