Industry sector: Information technology, automotive, new energy

Headquarters: Shenzhen

Intellectual property has been a key priority for BYD since its establishment in 1995, with a dedicated unit set up in 1997 – a time when IP was barely on the radar for many corporates, Chinese or otherwise. The company beefed up its IP capacity in the early 2000s in response to a brace of lawsuits filed against it in the United States and Japan, in which it ultimately prevailed. Today, the IP team is some 50 strong and more than 10,000 patent applications have been filed to date, of which in excess of 5,000 have been granted. BYD also tailors its strategic IP plans around key projects and conducts patent research in the R&D process to secure more effective protection. It aims to place greater emphasis on IP commercialisation in the future, to further enhance its competitiveness.