One of the main findings of our research was that – despite exponential growth in the number of patent and trademark filings in China, as well as a surge in IP-related litigation – the idea of a strategic approach to IP value creation is yet to become widespread among the country’s rights holders.

While this lack of management commitment to the IP agenda confirms that much work remains to be done, those companies selected as members of the 2012 China IP Elite exhibited impressively sophisticated awareness, and some are already global leaders.

We also recognise that at least some of the companies that featured in the 2012 China IP Elite have attracted significant criticism for their approach to the rights of third-party IP owners. We do not necessarily endorse the strategies – imagined or actual – that each Elite member employs; we merely note that they have placed intellectual property at the heart of their corporate strategies and developed a nuanced understanding of how it can create significant long-term value.