Huawei Technologies

Industry sector: Telecommunications

Headquarters: Shenzhen

In recent years the name Huawei has become synonymous with telecommunications: a sophisticated commercialisation strategy, coupled with aggressive market expansion and enhanced operational efficiencies, saw it eclipse Ericsson in 2012 to become the world’s largest telecoms equipment manufacturer. The company has built its success on an agile IP infrastructure that can evolve with change. In recent years Huawei has adopted a more assertive stance, with lawsuits filed against international giants such as Motorola and wrangles with domestic rival ZTE playing out in various jurisdictions. This new trend is perhaps unsurprising, given the might of the Huawei portfolio: in 2011 the company ranked third among all PCT applicants worldwide. 

The massed ranks of the Huawei IP team

IP strategy is at the heart of the company’s global push